Law Enforcement- Respect or Fear?

Can I be honest for a minute? I hope so because this is my blog.

I just want to address the issue of law-enforcement abuse of power. I am a white privileged female. I have no bad experience with law-enforcement and I’ve never been hurt by one. I have however seen a law enforcement officer abuse his/her power and use dominance over women in my career.

Let me tell you I am scared of law-enforcement. The men and women who are supposed to protect me, scare me. You may say “why? If you’re doing nothing wrong then this shouldn’t be an issue for you”. Well, I will tell you law enforcement has a history of using their power to convince people and to overpower them especially women.

Especially African-Americans.

They do it in the name of safety and protection but I don’t feel safe or protected at all. Whenever I get pulled over I say yes or no sir and I respect him or her to the best of my ability. But there’s a difference between respect and fear. I am fearful. I’m fearful I will say the wrong thing or turn to my bag the wrong way or maybe move a little too fast and next thing you know I’m out of my car being fondled in the name of safety. I’m terrified that officer will use his power against me and assault me.

To those of you who think the black lives matter movement is over-the-top and everything would be normal if they would just act a certain way- I say to you open your eyes. If I am fearful as a white privilege woman in a seemingly middle to upper-class community, imagine how an African-American in a low-income community would feel.

The crazy thing is that I work with law enforcement and collaborate with them. I’ve seen their side and I get why they are so on edge. You would think working with them would put me at ease but it does not. Whenever an officer pulls up behind me I am struck with fear and I start to construct the best way to talk to him or her or think of the best public place I can pull into.   I think this is sad and I hope that we can come together as a community to develop better tactics than body cams for our officers. I want safety for the community and safety for the officers. I don’t know what that looks like just yet but I hope for a better alternative in the near future. 

*I wrote this so you could see another perspective on the issue of law enforcement abuse. I am in no way condoning the Black Lives Matter Movement or pushing my political agenda.