Walking Alone

Tuxpi photo editor: https://www.tuxpi.comWhenever I first got my puppy I vowed that I would love him and care for him the best of my ability until I died. With my new little pup, I took on a great responsibility. So, to fulfill my promise I began to take my pup on walks around the neighborhood. I don’t do it everyday but at least once a week. When I first started going on walks I felt the need to wear headphones. The walk was an inconvenience. I felt that if I was going to be walking around I might as well be productive. I began getting audio books, signing up for podcasts and catching up on missed Sunday sermons. I wasn’t doing the walk out of pleasure but out of obligation.

Let me tell you something. When you do something out of obligation you will not find pleasure. No matter how many times I go for a walk with my pup I will not be satisfied unless I decide that I want to go for a walk. Why can’t I go for a walk just to enjoy the day, or to contribute to my heart health, or just to think about life?

Well, I can now. I forgot my phone one time and I was forced to enjoy my walk. I was forced to think about what my professor was saying in class, what I read in my devotional last night, and what I was doing with my life (deep stuff, I know).

I found that without my phone I was walking alone. When was the last time we did something alone? Where you didn’t have the world at your fingertips? It was just you. It is hard for me to remember a time before my walks where I put down the phone and just did something. I find now that when I walk, I think. I have so many wonderful thoughts, dilemmas, passions, and interests that I didn’t know existed in myself. It’s as if I am meeting a whole new person.

So if you want to meet yourself try taking a walk alone. Photo Editor

*It is important to note that my pup is now three years old. That is how long it took me to realize this in myself and change. Change takes time. Make sure to be patient and always enjoy the journey.*