Farewell, Intern Life

Farewell to the organization that taught me everything I know.
Farewell to those who invested in me.
Farewell to the intern life.

This week will be my very last week as an Intern. I have been in three different internships or what we call in the social work field, “field placements” throughout my college career. Every experience has been a building block in my life and has shaped me in one way or another. Some placements taught me what not to do and others molded me into a better professional.

What I must say is that my last field placement for me was better than any other experience I have had. and here’s why:

You* taught me everything that those three-hour classes failed to teach me. Life. The lessons I learned under your direction were from experience. You treated me like a new employee and welcomed me into your dynamic. You cared enough to take me to meetings and drag me to important events. You took the time to invest in my life and my education. That means so much to me. It would be easy for you to ask me to make copies and get you Starbucks, but you didn’t do that. You met with me every morning to check in and see how I was doing.  You asked what  I would be interested in learning. You sat with me and discussed my concerns, my dilemmas, my dreams. You invested in me.

All I can say is- thank you! Your effort has not gone unnoticed and is not in vain. I am a better person and professional because of you.

So, so long intern life. It’s been good. It is time for me to move onto bigger things and pursue these crazy little dreams of mine.

*the “you” I am referring to is three different people. The ED, Kate; the Director of Advancement, Katie; and my field supervisor, Laurel. You all deserve a round of applause!*